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Asphalt is a material that is usually black but can range in colour from brown to dark black.  The major components are bitumens: a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by processing coal or petroleum.   It is typically in a granular form, and then melted and pressed into place with a roller. The temperature for melting and the thickness of the asphalt depend on many factors.

Key Points

  • Properly laid asphalt will last more than 20 years. 
  • The durability of the asphalt is determined by how the base was laid, and the quality of the base. 
        - Always use fresh material, not recycled.
        - The surface must be properly and thoroughly compacted. 
  • For residential applications, the asphalt must be a minimum of 3 inches deep. 

Customer References:

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Scotia Bank
  • KSM Investments   
  • Thomas & Betts       
  • IKON Office Solutions 
  • Lafarge Canada Inc.   
  • D. Crupi & Sons Ltd.
  • Sylvia Miller   
  • Mr. Mints 

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